"Specializing in Custom Programming Services"
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Laramee Associates
Our heritage is custom programming - working closely with traders to develop custom applications. But, over the years we have sometimes seen the same requests over and over again. And, without compromising our clients' proprietary methods, we've developed a few products that we can offer as solutions to common needs.
All of these products have grown out of requirements that traders have brought to us and have been heavily used by traders in their day-to-day activities. So, in a very real sense, they are designed by traders, for traders.
LA Chart is a general purpose charting package. It can use any of several data feeds to deliver clean, easy-use-charts. It's a great charting package right out of the box. However, one of its strengths is that it can be used as a platform for any of your custom strategies. We can display custom indicators or even trade using your custom chart-based strategy.
LA Spreader is a general purpose auto-spreader that uses the T4 (Cunningham) interface to enter spread positions in two markets. The markets can be similar - like two different months of the same contract - or completely unlike. The tool can be used to spread any market against any other market.
LA Spreader OEC
We've had such a great reaction to our LA Spreader product so we decided to make it a version use the OEC Trader platform as well. All of the same great features. Finally you can have auto spreader capabilities with the OEC Trader platform.
LA Spreader Charts (LAS Charts) allows you to analyze any spread showing you the charts for both legs of the spread as well as for the spread market itself. This product allows you analyze any kind of spread -- calendar spreads, ratio spreads, inter-market spreads, synthetic spreads. Great for traders who are looking for opportunities spreading new markets. The product uses the popular Cunningham (T4) interface for market data.
LA Alerts can alert you either on your computer or by text or e-mail whnever a significant occurs in the market. LA Alerts is an add-on application for the popular T4 (Cunningham) platform.